There are two types of strategies to curb diabetes and other diseases; the clinical strategy and the population strategy. Our medical system - which treats individual patients and consumes over 95% of our health dollars - is a clinical strategy. One BIG problem with investing so much of our health dollars in the clinical strategy is that the majority of death, disease, or disability occurs among people who are at low or moderate risk. This concept, which is counterintuitive, is called the prevention paradox. The key to prevent diabetes and other chronic diseases is to design our communities to make it harder to become obese or sick.


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  • Dr. Lanphear, I did watch the videos available in this website. Great information. You probably don’t remember me, but I do remember you when working with Ralph Spezio, the principal of school 17 to eliminate or abate lead contamination in Rochester, NY. Thanks for your dedicated services to prevent children’s environmental contamination. Mario Escalante

  • Bruce , have you thought , I have , and Mario, that Oncologists and Pathologists do not want to

    abate chemicals , and that Arsenic, and four(4) other chemicals are primary cause why we

    have large complexes like NATIONWIDE CHILDREN’S on PARSONS AVENUE IN

    COLUMBUS OHIO. Oncologist Richard Furman quit talking to Rosemary when I sued Bayer,

    A. G. over Arsenic in 2019 ?