Over the last century the planet has experienced the largest mass contamination in history, a pandemic of lead poisoning. Brought on by the deception and negligence of a corporate collusion to extract immense profit from the sale of a known, harmful material, the subsequent waste has cast a toxic shadow over the earth, leaving in its wake death, disease and crime.

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The Effects of Lead Exposure

Lead is a risk factor for CORONARY HEART DISEASE – that’s when your heart is slowly or suddenly suffocated by an obstruction of the arteries feeding the heart. Research has found that lead accounts for about 185,000 deaths every year, making lead the leading cause of fatal heart attacks in the United States.

Lead toxicity affects people over their entire life. The ability to think and reason increases as we mature, peaks during young adulthood and then begins to decline in our 60s. Children who have higher lead exposure never reach the same peak ability as children with lower exposure.

Even after lead was declared a known toxin the lead industry continued to add lead to gasoline, paint, canned foods, water service lines and other consumer products. Ultimately over 12 million tons or 11 billion kilos of lead has been disseminated into the environment—the equivalent of over 100 Chrysler buildings.

In a Cincinnati study, young adults who were more heavily exposed to lead during their childhood were more likely to be arrested for violent crimes. These results are mirrored in homicides over the past century. Children’s exposures from lead in paint and gasoline are reflected, about 21 years later, by higher rates of homicides.”

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